Come See My Dead Person

Come See My Dead Person conjures a somber yet reverent musical tapestry, weaving haunting melodies that echo with the melancholic beauty of a moonlit graveyard, vibrantly alive with the dancing souls of the dead.

Come See My Dead Person Swag!

In the murky depths of our existence, where the echoes of past melodies haunt us like restless specters, we implore thee to assist in our resurrection. Gaze upon these T-shirts and vinyl stickers, creations of our inaugural run, and embrace the eerie charm of “Come See My Dead Person.”

Array thyself and thy belongings in these tokens, each painstakingly crafted with threads of our passion, and become a harbinger of our revival. By obtaining these artifacts, thou shalt not only support our return but also become intertwined with the very soul of our musical journey.

Let the darkness of yesteryears yield to the dawn of a new epoch. Aid us, dear patron, as we endeavor to rise once more from the ashes, reborn and renewed.

Come See My Readers Choice